Charlie McCarter

A Shot in the Arm

Born poor & humble in SC in the mid-70’s, Charlie was a longshot to be anybody. His parents, however, were stubborn and pulled themselves up out the squalor to build a better life for themselves and their children. This included his mom’s run as a gospel singer at churches & revivals, where Charlie soaked up a plethora of classic Southern Baptist hymns.

After 17 years of doing nothing worthwhile, Charlie made his way to the College of Charleston where he studied Philosophy. That’s when he knew he’d need a backup plan. His guitar & voice became that plan (great idea, Charles).

With some talented friends, he founded a bluegrass group called The Biscuit Boys and they conquered a dive bar. Cut to 2 years later and they’re packing the joint with a sweaty mess of hot women and handsome fellas every week. After opening for legends like Del McCoury, Tim O’Brien, John Cowan, blah blah blah, the Biscuits picked up & moved to Nashville (an even better idea, Charles).

The Biscuits recorded their studio record with Bil Vorndick, and with guests Sam Bush & Rob Ickes, & landed a deal with agent Bobby Cudd at Monterey Peninsula. He put ‘em on a few dates with “the best mullet in the business” (a.k.a. Travis Tritt) and a slew of other gigs like the Opry Plaza Parties, Fan Fair, House of Blues, folk & hippie festivals, etc. Then they cut a live record at the The World Famous Station Inn that was more representative of their sound. It sold dozens!

After a couple of years, a couple of band member changes, and a couple of single digit tax returns, they bagged it for more glamorous gigs (i.e., we needed jobs). Now, Charlie is a decade deep in tech sales, has a classic American family, and fancies himself as Harry from “Sultans of Swing.”

This new collection of songs is representative of the influences on Charlie from his Carolina upbringing, his love of classic singer/songwriters, and his desire to rock & roll.

His son has Type-1 Diabetes, so instead of selling this record, he’s giving it away for free and asking folks to drop some dimes on Middle TN JDRF, if they like the music. They’re a great outfit who’s raising awareness & funds to eradicate this disease!

Thanks so much, y'all

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Couldn't have done it without you

This album is dedicated to my beautiful & talented wife, Jen. When i told her i wanted to get these songs down, she told me to do it and do it right and didn't bat an eye at any late night studio trips or checks written for the project. i love you!

The Players

David Lemonds:
drums, percussion, harmony vocals on "Right Now With You" & "Coffee Cup"

David Santos:
electric & upright bass

Michael Flynn:
keyboards, piano, organ, wurlitzer, accordian, harmony vocals on "Coffee Cup"

Mike Sivilli:
electric guitar on "Everyone But Me"

David Pinkston:
pedal steel

Jason Roller:

Junkyard Horns:

  • Chris West: saxophone
  • Jon-Paul Frappier: trumpet
  • Oscar Utterstrom: trombone

Julie Lee:
harmony vocals

Rick Alexander:
harmony vocals on "Right Now With You"

Charlie McCarter:
vocals, acoustic & electric guitars

"A Shot In The Arm"
Coffee Cup
Right Now With You
Something New
You Left Me Hanging *
4th of July **
Was It Only A Dream
Everyone But Me **
Lowcountry Blues

All songs written by Charlie McCarter except as noted
All songs published by Crushed By A Dwarf (BMI), except as noted
*Written by Charlie McCarter and Bryan Landers (BMI)
**Written by Charlie McCarter & Edward O'Day (ASCAP)

Copyright 2013. All rights reserved. May not be licensed, sold, or used publicly without express written permission.

Produced by David Lemonds and Charlie McCarter
Engineered by David Lemonds for Elite Productions
Mastered by Eric Conn at Independent Mastering
Recorded at Dave's home studio and in various studios & bedrooms in TN & SC, with additional vocal recording at EM2
Horn arrangements by Chris West
Album graphic design, photography, and layout by Erick Anderson
Website by Nat Guy

Charlie would like to thank:

  • Jen, Duncan, Lila, & Rufus: my beautiful family
  • Mom & Dad, James & Lisa & the girls, & my McCarter, Kerns, Sloan, & Fairall families: love, love, love
  • The Biscuit Boys: Steven Sandifer, Scott Simontacchi, Boo Walker, & Drew Breakey...& Bryan Landers: thank you for always pushing me to be better
  • Dave Lemonds: couldn't have done this without you, bro - thanks for being a great partner, drummer, & friend
  • Dave Santos: stories & jokes amongst the bass notes
  • David Pinkston: is there anything you can't do?
  • Edward O'Day: thanks for the Steely Dan bridges
  • Michael Flynn: magic in those fingers & ears
  • Mike Sivilli: "Tone for Days"
  • The Junkyard Horns: Chris, JP, Oscar: thanks for the tiny basement tracks
  • Jason Roller: the Magic Shack man!
  • Julie Lee: love you, your voice, your art, & your presence
  • Bryan Landers: thanks for redesigning my song
  • Paul & Ryan Westbrook: thanks for helping me start this project long ago – you guys rock (& roll)
  • Kent Wagner: thanks for allowing me to learn from your collection of music
  • Paul Lohr: thanks for taking a chance on me & the ongoing education
  • Mark Montgomery: a truth-teller if i ever knew one - thanks for the musical, personal, & professional generosity
  • Alex Sejdinaj: tracking in a foreign space made easy
  • EM2 Studio: what a beautiful place
  • Clyde Padgett: this project is largely in part a success for me based on what i learned from our previous project - thank you
  • Middle TN JDRF: thanks Mary Lyn & Alex - very proud to partner with y'all - find that cure!
  • Nat Guy: yes, master...err...webmaster
  • Erick Anderson: a true friend & great designer
  • Dell Inc & my great co-workers for giving me the means to self-fund this
  • My friends, extended families, & all the music venues in Greenville, Charleston, & Nashville
  • Special thanks to my many musical buddies I've shared homes, stages, & rehearsals with over the years – there's a lot of you!

Dave would like to thank:

  • Charlie for allowing me to work with him on his bucket list - Also the great musicians who made my job so much easier.
  • Mark and Alex over at EM2: you guys rock!
  • Pete Young at Studio 19 for being that extra set of ears for me.
  • Last but not least, my studio dog Claudette!

Friends & Band Friends